Understanding the utilization and impact of digital health technologies on nursing practice

Study Objectives

The main purpose of the 2023 Canadian Survey of Nurses is to generate insights and intelligence on the current state of digital health technologies integration in nursing practice across clinical practice settings in Canada. ​

Specific objectives include:

  • Solidifying the understanding of the current state of nurses’ use of digital health technologies in practice across care settings
  • Improve the understanding of Canadian nurses’ ability to access and exchange patient information seamlessly
  • Update the understating of clinical systems used by Canadian nurses to document and retrieve patient information
  • Identify the benefits and barriers related to the adoption of interoperability by nurses in Canada
  • Understand the current use of AI tools as well as perceptions and expectations around future use of AI. ​


In partnership with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association (CNIA), Canada Health (Infoway) sought to understand the current use of electronic medical record (EMRs) systems by nurses in Canada across clinical practice settings as well as attitudes and perceptions related to access, and the impact of use of digital health technologies in practice. The 2023 survey also explored the impact of EMR/EHR systems on quality of care, and virtual care and telehealth technologies in nursing practice, as well as the perceptions and impact of AI in practice settings.

An online survey in both French (n=153) and English (n=1,754) was conducted between October 19th – December 22th, 2023. A pilot test of the online survey in both French and English was conducted a week prior to the official launch of field work. This online pilot test was administered to a convenience sample of 63 nurses recruited from Canadian Nursing Informatics Association (CNIA) membership list.

A multi-method promotion and recruitment strategy was launched in October 2023. The survey was distributed through different channels:

  • CNA sent out the survey to their member jurisdictions, network of nursing specialties, and through e-newsletters.
  • CNIA distributed a request to complete the survey in its monthly Newsblast to its CNIA distribution list across Canada.
  • Leger also assisted in the recruitment of nurses from its online healthcare professional panel to supplement for better regional representation. In addition, Leger contacted nurses by email who were referred by nurses who had previously completed the survey, using a ‘snowball’ method

Interpretation of Data

Privacy: Data visualizations do not allow for filtering of data where sample sizes are smaller than 30 respondents in order to preserve respondent anonymity.

Rounding Error: The data presented have been rounded. As a result, totals may differ slightly from 100%

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