Pan-Canadian digital health surveys: Insights from citizens and clinicians

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Infoway has commissioned a series of pan-Canadian surveys to gain insights into the digital health landscape in Canada for health care providers and patients/citizens. For healt care providers, the collected data covers a diverse range of topics, including access to and utilization of electronic medical records (EMR), electronic prescriptions, exchange of clinical summaries, clinical collaboration, and virtual care. For patients/citizens, the data includes electronic access to personal health information, online booking, virtual care, experiences with digital health technologies, digital health literacy, and digital health equity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I access the raw survey data?

    The raw datasets generated from the surveys are freely accessible to health care providers, policymakers, academic researchers, students, and the general public through this link.

  • How are Infoway’s survey respondents sampled?

    Infoway’s surveys are conducted through third-party market research firms. These agencies recruit respondents from their online panelists. For surveys conducted in partnership with clinical associations, respondents are recruited from these associations’ membership lists. For more information, please refer to the survey methodology section.

  • What is the margin of error associated with Infoway’s surveys?

    Participation in Infoway’s survey is voluntary, and responses are based on respondents’ availability to participate. Therefore, a margin of error cannot be associated with the sample achieved for Infoway’s surveys. Nonetheless, to ensure representation across demographics, the results are statistically weighted using the latest population, health workforce, and physician data from Statistics Canada, CIHI, and CMA, respectively.

  • Do Infoway’s citizens’ surveys cover Indigenous peoples?

    Infoway’s citizens’ surveys are web-based data collection exercises involving Canadians aged 16 years and older selected from a contracted market research firm's online panel. While online panels provide valuable insights, it is important to acknowledge that the results may not be fully representative of Indigenous peoples, especially those living on reserve. Additionally, sub-populations without internet access and some marginalized communities may be underrepresented. For more information, please refer to the survey methodology section.

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