Understanding Canadians' experiences with digital health.

About the Survey

This website provides results from the 2021 Digital Health Survey of Canadians with selected trending statistics from previous years' surveys. These annually conducted surveys are based on a variety of specific system utilization and attitudinal tracking metrics used in previous years as well as new areas of inquiry. The surveys include core tracking questions as well as new questions that will provide actionable insights to help advance the digital health landscape in Canada.

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Suggested citation: Canada Health Infoway (2023). Infoway Insights: 2021 Canadian Digital Health Survey. https://insights.infoway-inforoute.ca/digital-health-survey

Virtual Care

Virtual care has transformed health care delivery across Canada. Discover how different virtual care tools can improve access to care and lead to healthier Canadians.

Health Landscape

Key insights into how Canadians interact with their health system are summarized in the categories below.


Insights related to Canadians’ experience with obtaining and filling medication prescriptions as well as their preferences and use of digital solutions such as electronic prescribing.

Innovative Technologies

Insights related to Canadians’ perception and comfort with the use of innovative technologies within health care settings, including artificial intelligence (AI) and use of personal health information for AI research.


Demographics includes age, gender, geography and other variables describing the study sample.

Data Tables

Access banner tables with breakdowns for key demographic and health utilization attributes for each question on this and previous years’ surveys.

The raw data sets from the surveys referenced on this website along with those from other research conducted by Infoway can be accessed using the link here

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