Understanding shared pan-Canadian Interoperability Roadmap

Interoperability Dashboard

What is Interoperability Dashboard?
The main page of the dashboard provides a single page view of progress against the Shared Pan-Canadian Interoperability Roadmap. It acts as a dynamic heat map (with the ability to drill-down) to indicate which building blocks, initiatives and goals are progressing or complete. This dashboard will continuously iterate to ensure that it remains relevant as interoperability initiatives mature.

How does it work?
Infoway and partners are continuing to assess the current state against KPIs and building block maturity. As the initiatives deliver and outcomes are achieved, KPIs and maturity model indicators will be updated to display progress visually. Each domain is designed to capture incremental progress toward goals and be capable of presenting progress for each federal/provincial/territorial health system.

How to use it?

  • Layers represent development stages from bottom to top.
  • Progress bars indicate the current state.
  • Click on each block to view metrics for domains.
  • Filter to view data in each jurisdiction and across different points in time.


As the Roadmap initiatives continue to mature and outcomes are achieved, the progress made against the associated KPIs and maturity models will continue to be updated in the dashboard. Each layer in the logic model is designed to capture the incremental progress made towards the four strategic goals at the Pan-Canadian level.

For detailed notes on the methodology behind the individual metrics, please click here

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